Sunday, March 29, 2009

Now I'm really depressed

Left-My first brother,Second Brother,Me


My brother went back to perak today.I'm sad because he's like my best friend.I can share things with him about twilight,Robert Pattinson and new moon.Haha,he would make his ughh not this again faces.ha ha,I had a good time with him last week.We went to Bangi Kopitiam to drink some coffee then we made ice blended together.That was a lot of fun.We watched Hell boy 2 together.He said he will probably be back next month. :( Mimie and Chucky are gone too.I never thought I would miss those two cuties.I played with them for a little while before my brother packs thing up and put it in his car.My first brother is still home but he's a little busy with his studies.I get along with my two brothers well but I guess since my second brother stays in Perak which is far while my first brother university is only in Cyberjaya.So I see him every week.Test is near.This Tuesday and I'm freaking out.I just finished studying History.I hope I can remember all those frigging facts.Ha ha,well I'm off to watch everybody loves raymond.To heal my headache from reading.



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