Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ouch that hurts

I finally trying to move on.I hope i can do it.I knew it eventually this will happen.I'm the one getting hurt.its my fault for getting into own stupid fault.I'm the one suffering and he doesn't feel a thing.he's probably lying a couch eating chips and enjoying himself.Wonderful,right? this is why i think life isn't fair.i know is never fair but but have some sympathy for people like me.if there is anyone feeling the same way as me.i really hope there is so that I'm not alone.I'll try not to say his name or even look at him.i know its hard but i think i can do it.i need my BESTFRIEND.BADLY.Leeyaa.I need to let this out.

"Why do we ignore the people who adore us & adore the people who ignore us?"

-one of my fave quotes.

I agree 100%.we usually adore the people who never noticed us.never even looked us but still we keep trying but eventually we will give up because he/she is not worth the pain.we keep trying but we're always the one who gets hurt.ALWAYS. as for We ignore the people who adore us,its simple explanation.its out our league.we can't know what the others are feeling.what they're thinking when they see us but i guess we can try to look closely-carefully so we don't hurt them.trying not be the the ignorant one.I hope I'm not like that.I'm still waiting.not for him.just waiting,



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