Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Hehe,its actually aquarium but saje je letak aquamarine. :D

Ikan yg terapung.sedih.

This is the aquarium. :)

Today, i helped my cousin to clean the aquarium.its interesting because i never once clean an aquarium so it was a pleasant experience.first,we have to get the fish out of the aquarium.its really quite tough because my cousin's fish are so active,the fish likes to lompat-lompat.ha ha,we put the fish in a bale because they were naughty2 fish.ha ha,Then,we have to clean the rocks and everything that is in the aquarium.i helped clean the rocks. :) Next,i don't know because my cousin did the hardest la beside me.i buat yg senang2 je.It took about an hour or even more than an hour to clean all of it.So what more i can do than took some pictures.he he,but unfortunately one fish died.It was sad to see the fish upside down.Two fish was upside down to but one manage to survive.Bak pepatah auntie,'macam tu la nyawa2 ikan'.well,its true.OK,here are some pictures,

I cuci batu rainbow.

This one my cousin did this stuff.

Oxygen filter kot. ha ha,

Whee,main air.

Ikan semua ada dlm baldi tuu.

Batu Rainbow!


Faiza said...

Where am I huh?Owh I g clinic tyme nih...huhu..neway bersihla cket aquarium tuh i tgk..huhu


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