Saturday, December 22, 2007

Goodbye Home!

The title says goodbye home.Im leaving my house in Taman Melawati.Dont get me wrong im not running away.haha.Its a long story but i going make it short version of it.My parents are now at Mecca for Aidiladha or Haji.There is no one who can take care of me while my parents are there so i have to go to Kedah(my kampung).My aunt will take care off me.SO i am at Kedah now.Its been a week im here.I am having a blast time here but i still miss my parents.oh,im staying in kedah till 18/01/2008.

On 18/12/2007

On this day i went to plaza cousin and i ate mee ayam and ooo boy its delicious! but unfortunately we didint finish our mee ayam because its too many.hahha,then we went to alor star mall.that place has amazing clothes its like i want to buy them all.haha,i bought a blouse from dolly and its duhh.haha,here some pictures in fitting room.actually we are not in the fitting room so some pictures out fitting room.haha,

On 19/12/2007

I went to Pacific Mall with my cousin.I cant go shopping there because i dont have that much money.haha,well,i just bought contact lenses that just about it.We went to the arcade ,it was so much fun! its addicting.haha,here are some photos.


Faiza Al-Qadry said...

uwaaaa...korang g main kt arcade lol xajak...huahauaha

Afifah said...

haha,jgn sedih kakcik nanti kte main lagi. hehe, :)


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