Monday, December 24, 2007

Morning! (ha ha)

  • Its not morning actually,nk petang dh oi.baru bgn,ape punya anak dara nih.haha,but today tidur mmg sdap ahh,puas hati giler.he he,I've just finished breakfast.i ate fried rice and drank ice tea.thats pretty,really dont know what to do because at my cousin house tinggal 2 org je dlm rumah ni including me of cousin baru lepas mandi,i? i x mandi lagi. ha ha ha,later laaa.

Today, i want to talk about hand sanitizer unfortunately i couldn't find the picture of the sanitizer i am using right now so i just took a snapshot of it.Its not mine,its my cousin's but baby i love this thang ha ha,mainly because it kills germs and and u guess it ,it smell good too.hmmm,orange! :0.The Sanitizer name is Eskulin Kids Orange and it has a picture of tiger on it.tiger you know from the pooh.he he,so cute!I'm suggesting if u want to buy hand sanitizer you should buy this one because its cheap,it kills germs and and u guess it,it smells good too.Ha ha ha, :)



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