Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Jingle Bell Jingle Bell Jingle All The Way!


Merry Christmas to you all.Although,I'm a muslim i don't celebrate Christmas but i raikan.its a different between celebrate and raikan.i really don't know the word English 'raikan' sorry eh.he he,otak blank.ha ha,yesterday i was pretty emotional i don't know why.nah,forget about it.its probably my hormones going crazy.I woke up 2:45 pm and haven't shower yet.hi hi,so I'm very smelly.no lah.i wangi ape.School is going start like in a week and i just cant believe.its just going so fast.Time fly so fast.Sometime i wish it could stay longer but its reality.Sometimes fantasy is better than reality in my opinion but its reality u gotta take it or leave it.ha ha,When i was kid,i thought 'why ah time move so slow?' and now i think 'why ah time move so fast?'.i guess people never appreciate like me.So this Christmas,u guys should appreciate life,time,family,friends and everything around you guys. :)


Faiza said...

hahaha..memang ipah usyuk pown

Afifah said...



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