Saturday, December 22, 2007

Bada Bing Bada Bong

Today i woke up at 2:30 pm yep pm.hehe,so tired.yesterday was hari raya we celebrate in was fun and interesting.usually i celebrate hari raya haji in Kuala Lumpur.In Kuala Lumpur its just normal la to describe the feeling but at Penang i feel more calm and happy.Its because i'm surrounded with my relative!
Now,i am just typing and typing and typing.ha ha,recently,i went out with my aunt,uncle and cousins.we went to the pacific was fun but unfortunately Watson's 'tutup' or closed haha.My cousins wanted to buy an eyeliner and mascara.i just survey and survey in pacific.ahhhhh,i forgot! i haven't buy kasut sekolah for next year .wahhh,its going to be different high school next year because i am in the morning session ,last year i was in the afternoon its going to be different.I haven't eaten dinner yet.god its late to be eating its 11:12 pm for god sake.hehe,here's the story behind it,we were searching for food stall but unfortunately again x jumpa.haha,too mamam at home je.My cousin says her mom nk masak mee bandung but tak ada cili padi.whahaha,soo she cook maggie instead.yummylicious ooo maggie.sedap sgt2.sampai perut boleh explode.haha,



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