Thursday, December 27, 2007


Today,i went to my cousin's school which is sekolah sultanah asma.My cousin nk ambil slip keputusan.So,i pown ikut nk kasi support.She did great what dapat 7a 1b terror i think i pown x leh dpt 7 a kot.he he,but i wanna say congratulations to my cousin ina! Congrats!Funny thing,she was the one who should be nervous but i yg nervous lebih2.haha,the atmosphere when the students nk ambik keputusan was sad,happy semua was an emotional moment.Yeah,next year, i pulak.Im sooo scared,Scared if i got bad marks i could get embarrassed,so its tough being student.Hopefully,next year i will get 8 a's.Insyaallah,i try my best la. :).
Just got back from medan selera.I ate fish and chips. and it was delicious.I ate chicken wing also delicious and and i drank air bali.also delicious.ha ha,in Kedah there's food everywhere and you cant control yourself.I was craving mcm2 type of food dlm rumah ni.ha ha,i should exercise la to burn those calories. ;p


Faiza said...

So jogging la apa lagi kan?hahaha..neway I cried la on that moments..Xtau la u noticed or not..hahaha


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