Monday, February 9, 2009


Wow,i haven't been blogging for awhile.Lets see what have i been doing.Not much actually.My brother came home so it was a lot fun.I love having my brother because I get along with him so well.We laugh at the same thing.ha ha.we watched meet the spartans but not the whole thing.I mean come on that movie was a disaster and so as disaster movie.We watched only the funny parts like the American idol scene and the Britney scene.Haha,the Britney scene was so funny.go go gah go go gah.go search it on YouTube.I bought a new gladiators.they're so hot plus they're white.I cannot wait to wear them. :))

The saddest part is that my brother just went back to Perak just now.He'll be back in a month.I'm gonna miss him.University technology Petronas is actually a really great university.I love their mosque.Its so calm and soothing.When I went there to visit my brother,I usually pray at that mosque.There just something about their mosque. :)

Dad bought some new DVDs such 30 rock and everybody hates chris.Tina fey is a genius.i love watching 30 rock.The king kong blu ray came last week.Dad said that he's going to buy hell boy 2 blu ray.I'm so excited.I'm also talking to him about buying twilight blu ray.I'm pretty sure he's going to buy it.ha ha,



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