Tuesday, February 3, 2009


As you've guess tons and tons of homework to do.Addition to that,i have a lot of presentation PJK,AGAMA and BM.Arghh,i'm kinda stressed out right now.I'm always having this headache in class.I don't know why.I love having the presentation thingy but sometimes I'm a little shy.Ha ha,I know some people thought that I'm so well spoken in front of crowd.HELL-No.It depends how comfortable I am with the crowd.Last year,I'm not having any problem doing the presentation because I have known everybody so well.My point is I would less be shy if I KNOW all of my classmate.This year,all of my classmate are from different class so everybody's new.I know some of them.The most stress part in my class is of course the boys. -_-

They're too out spoken sometimes and they like to ask question.i mean really like to ask question.They ask stupid question and any question you can think of.ha ha,sometimes they are kinda rude.That's a turn off for me.Guys being rude to the teachers or friends.Come on,please-lah.Jgn la kurang ajar sgt.Maybe this is why I'm getting a lot headache right now.The boys!.This is my opinion la.If some of the boys that so called 'rude' are changing class,I think the class would be less noisy and everyone happy especially me. :) Ha ha,its not that I don't like them as my classmate.Its just if you guys wanna make jokes or laugh ikut masa la.If time belajar,belajar.If time main,main lah sesuka hati korang.



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