Thursday, February 5, 2009


I'm feeling more like Bella now.I really don't know why.Just now,I was going out with my mom to buy some stuff and it was raining.Bella hates rain and wet stuff.I usually felt nothing with or without rain.rasa macam biasa je.Haha,it was raining heavily,my jeans and top was so wet .FYI,i did used an umbrella.I felt very uncomfortable.I know that everybody feels uncomfortable when they're wet but I dont know.Its hard to explain how i felt that time.Its just the same way bella felt towards the cold and wet stuff.The other similarities is that I really hate to be the center of attention and i get really really shy when people are looking at me but before twilight came out dh memang macam ni.hahaha,you can say I'm a little bit clumsy but definitely not like Bella.Bella seriously need to watch over herself.ha ha,but the difference between Bella and I is I havent found my Edward. hahahahah, ;D

Yippay,tomorrow is Friday! All my brothers are coming home.I can't wait. :)



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