Monday, February 23, 2009

81st Annual Academy Awards

81st Annual Academy Awards was spectacular!.I really enjoyed watching it.It was emotional and also entertaining which is a bonus.I watch 4 hours straight.I taped it with my astro max.Uh,i can't live without my max.I just love it so much.Hugh jackman was hilarious when he dances and sings.Never seen that side of him.Seth Rogen and James Franco was the best.I practically laugh out loud during the Comedy 2008.Not to mention Romance 2008,Rob was the presenter along with Amanda.He was so nervous .its so cute.He made a joke saying 'I have to be a vampire to find my girl',ha ha,good one Rob. :)

The good thing Rob was seating behind Mickey Rourke.Mickey Rourke was nominated for best actor and the camera was focusing on him and I was smiling because I saw Rob at the back.He was blushing a little bit.It is his first time being in the academy awards ,of course you're a bit shocked and shy.I gotta say I enjoyed watching the 81st Annual Academy Awards . :D

When Heath Ledger won was pretty emotional.All of the montage was so good and inspiring.I cannot begin trying to explain how i love the oscar.Its just so wonderfull.



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