Saturday, February 21, 2009


Ahh,its such a good day today.Finally got my book.The one that I've been seraching like HELL.The graveyard book by Neil Gaiman.I really love Neil Gaiman books.Homework is pain in the ass.Tons of homework i have to finish.I should'nt delayed it.The more I delay the more lazy i get.Hehe.The one thing I am so excited is..............

I was watching the grammy's last week.This year grammy's is much better than last year.I think.Suddenly out of thin air,Blink 182 was going to present an award.I nearly peed myself.NOT KIDDING.hehe,I was screaming a little bit.Tom was really awkward standing beside Mark and Travis.I guess its because they havent talk for 4 years.I'm so pump about this and really really excited on their upcoming album.I love blink 182 music.Their music is very cool and spunky.I never got bored or tired listening to it.I just start listening all blink 182 music and I suddenly realized I miss their music so much.Finally,I got my wish.They are definitely coming back. :D

Message from their official website.Get ready? I am so ready for this.I can't wait. ;D



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