Saturday, February 14, 2009


My attempt playing lost by coldplay.I truly love this song.Coldplay is just fucking awesome.I mean it.Hehe,I need to practice more. :)

Guess what? I got 3rd place

Yay.I made that got milk set.Ha ha,it just pop in my head randomly.Thank you so much for all the faves. ;).I'm gonna submit more sets until i win first place.Even though,you don't win any prize who cares.I love making it <33.

Moving on,

Homework is really kicking my ass.Ha ha,I don't mind doing it.It just sometimes I feel very lazy and tired.Yesterday,I went to tuition.Math and Add Math was exciting as usual.The thing is i didn't bring my calculator.ha ha,but never mind i still can solve the problems.Add math is fun but it gets really frustrating when you forgot how to do solve it.I get that all the time.When I see the question,I was blur for a second then I panicked.Then,I started to cool down.Then,I remember it.Ha ha,You guys are probably bored hearing me babbling about this so I'm gonna go do my homework.



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