Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Test week is finally over.Not just yet,I have another paper tomorrow.Add Maths and History.Great! That's like my favourite paper.Seriously,I don't know how to memorise any of the facts for history.Anybody got any ideas,tell me please.My head is just waiting to burst.If all the questions is in objective that will be a relieve but nooooo they have to put a subjective to test our knowledge.Since my brother always scored for history,I'm gonna ask him how the hell does he do it.

Moving on,I finally finished reading Diary of a wimpy kid-The last straw.I had a pretty good laugh reading that book.I have so many books on my reading list but I'm going to put it on hold.I'll try to read one book per month.If I can manged to finish it.The most important to me right now is studying.I'm really working my ass off.I haven't got any enough sleep and constant headache.I guess this is what it feels like being a form 5 students.Lots and lots of sacrifice.Hate it or Love it you know you got to do it for the sake of your education.When I was in form 4,I was pretty lay back on the whole studying thing but since I've seen the schedule for SPM.It just hit me,I should be studying now.After tomorrow's test,I'm going to take one day off from studying.Starting from Saturday,I'll have to continue studying.Okay,this is the update of the week.As for now,I'm going to revise add maths and history.



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