Sunday, February 28, 2010

Iqbal's sister wedding

Busy man of the hour. :D

I just got back home about 12.30 am.Took a ride with Leya's brother.My parents gave Leya and Zana a ride to the wedding.Before that,I did Zana's makeup.I was supposed to makeup Leya next but ran out of time.We arrived there 8.15pm.We were just waiting for the boys to come.About 10 minutes later saw Danny and the gang.Wow,what a relief.I had a blast taking pictures with my friends.Thank you Iqbal for inviting us. :) Tell you the truth,I'm feeling kinda bloated and sleepy due to the eating.There was some awkward moments.Here and there.Ha ha,you know what I'm talking about but hey what's life without awkward little moments.There were some Malay celebrities ,actually they were sitting in front of us.The food was delicious so as the ice cream.Overall,I had a really really great time.I'm kinda sleepy right now so I'll leave you guys with the pictures. :D

Finally,I'm wearing my platform. :D

With Iqbal's brother.


Farah Nabilah said...

fah , kau dh tnggi tahu tak, nak pakai heels lagi, mengada betul dah lah heels lawa

Afifah said...

kite sukaaa heels :D


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