Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dream on

This year there's a lot of talented American singers.Yes,you know what I'm talking about.American Idol.I watched it last night result show.Even i was getting cold feet.I wondered how they were actually feeling sitting in that room and just waiting patiently for the results.I felt that feeling before.Just waiting for your paper result.You don't want to set your expectation too high or too low.Scared that it will end badly in both ways.Well,that feeling is part of parcels in our life.Hate it or love it,it will always be there to haunt you.I was very anxious to see my favourite contestant to make it through.I felt a little disappointed because some of favourite didn't make it.I was beyond ecstatic when Didi Benami,Andrew Garcia,Lily Scott,Janell,Haeley Vaughn and Casey James succeed into the top 24.Casey James is cute,no wonder Kara has a crush on him.I mean look at him.He's adorable with his long blond hair,his plaid t-shirt with baggy jeans not to mention his acoustic guitar.He has that country image going on.I like. :D

I just got back from tuition.Subjects BM and BI.Had a good laugh with Nan.Here's our conversation.

Translate to English,If its in Malay is sound more...authentic.

Me:Nan,do you who's boyfriend now? His name is Logan Lerman.The guy from Percy Jackson.

Nan:Oh,you mean the lightning thief?

Me:Yes,that one.Yesterday,he came to my house.Just waiting for me by my bedroom window.

Nan:How did he get there? Let me guess,by lightning.

I immediately laugh my ass off.It's quite funny in my opinion when she said it.

Me:Yes,he came by lighting.Hear any lighting,means he's there looking for me. hahahahaha,

*suddenly we hear a something outside*

Turns out its only fireworks.Ha ha,I thought Logan was dropping by for a visit. :D If you hear any thunder out there,think of me and Logan sitting on a tree.K I S S I N G.Oh my god,I'm dreaming too much. :D



eee, mengadanya. masa Nan text kita tu pn, kita dh cm ya allah, faaa -.- jangan nk perasan sgt tau. haha :p tp dia comel ahh ;)

Afifah said...

heeeeyyyy,a girl can dream! ;D


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