Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Face warp

Today was fun.Last two days was so tiring that i don't want to even talk about it.Let's continue,I feel really bad for not paying attention in history today.I was so busy face-warping people.Oh my god,face warp is like a gift from god to entertain us all.Ha ha,it never fails to make me laugh.No matter how pretty you are,when you face warp.One word. EPIC.I laughed a lot today.Danny just couldn't stop laughing that I continue on laughing too.You know what i mean?.Leya and Zana join in all the fun.Thanks to raja's Hand phone. :) My agenda for tonight is studying.I have quiz tomorrow which sucks.Not to mention,so many homework that I've put aside that i came to realize "why didn't I finish it when I could?' Ha ha,Mom bought Tom Yam Fried rice for dinner! :D



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