Friday, February 5, 2010

Take it or leave it

Good day.Since I have not update my blog since Leya's Birthday.I'm gonna give an update for one whole week.
  • Iqbal is getting funnier and annoying everyday.Seriously. ;p
  • I've lost 1 kg.Exercising with my wii using the ea active sports game.
  • Its like my personal trainer but not actually my human personal trainer.It really is tiring doing the exercise.
  • My thighs are hurting like shit.
  • I can't sit down properly.Ha ha,I've been through this.2 days my thighs will be good as normal.If not then..
  • I bought a new bros bottle 'Little Miss Lucky' :D
  • Dad just bought Nur kasih dvd set. *marathon week here i come* :D
  • Bought fake eyelashes.

I think I would die of happiness if someone did this for me. :)

That's about it.As for next week,more exercise,more studying,less napping and less TV. :( I need a facial.Every weekend,I will always bought a mask from watsons/guardian.Favourite brands are Neutrogena,Garnier and Korean products.Smells great and feels good on my skin.I will wear the mask before i go to sleep.Dim the light.Put on my mp3.Listening to Sigur ros.After 20 minutes,all my stress are put aside and I feel really good about myself.The sad thing is since school started I haven't had anytime doing it.I gotta feeling that tonight is the night. Ha ha,sounds weird.I meant that tonight is the night I'm doing the facial.I can't wait! :D



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