Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year!

Yeah,I haven't written my blog in past few days because i was lazy ha ha.and bored so i said to myself esok la buat blog lama2 x buat.haha,so today i decided to write a new post.well,this week i remember i went to quensbay in penang.it was awesome unfortunately i x de duit so x leh beli and also i pegi kt sana not with my family if i go there with my family mesti best ah i boleh bodek mak i beli mcm2.hihi,i went there with my cousins.I remember i bought a baju tidur hehe,while cousin semua beli shoes and tops like that.i x beli sebab ntah la.haha,never mind next is oh! i already bought my kasut sekolah and my bag sekolah!!I bought the shoe at the pacific and the bag at city plaza.haha.

2007 was good year for me i guess.there were sweet memories and of course bad memories but u know that's life.2007 is a year that I'm gonna miss.Goodbye 2007 and Hello to 2008.What I'm looking forward in 2008 is i would like to do something that i x penah buat so i guess mcm adventure.2008 is gonna the stressful year ever! because PMR!.i wonder why they to this to us u know the pmr the upsr.The SPM of course kene because its like the key to adulthood and college!hehe,I kinda think that cepat giler i meningkat umur.haha,well it seems like yesterday i was 12 and now im 15.god so fast.5 years later im 20.fuhhh,thats scary.hehe.Yesterday,was so fun.All my cousin dtg here and we played mcm2 and its fun bukan selalu boleh main nanti dh besar dh x boleh.we played this stupid game.actually its not a game.haha,kte org main crystal ball.haha,i know.but its fun.i had it on video but in this computer x de nokia pc suite so x leh nk transfer.



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