Friday, January 4, 2008


Today is Friday meaning my friends tgh sekolah skarang but dh abis sekolah dah.haha,but at kedah Friday and Saturday they cuti while in kl Saturday and Sunday cuti.he he,today i want to talk about my house in KL.i really miss my house la.I miss my bedroom,my bathroom,my kitchen and most of all my living room.i miss the plasma TV.ha ha,well its true.I miss everything.I miss my mom,my dad and my brothers.oh yeah,i miss my comfy snugly bed that i always had a good night sleep.hi hi,one more thing i miss 7 eleven in tmn melawati.i used to go there every time to buy top up,Slurpee,Cleo,Cosmo,hot and seventeen magazines.Its pretty long time i x beli all the magazines yg i sebut tu. :(
well,nk buat mcm mana.Kalau at Kedah,sometimes what i did mesti ade seseorang tu x puas hati but whatever la kn.this kire her house jugak so i pown sabar je.but when i was so welcoming her to my home she's okay je i treat her as a guest at my house and i try my best to make my guest happy but at here sometimes she treats me like I'm invisible.yeah,its like I'm paper when she doesn't need me anymore she just throw in the rubbish but when she need me back OH senang je nk kutip blk.ahh,feels so great to let it out.hehe,


orangbiasa said...

umm, Hey, saja browse blog orang, happens to stay long enough to hear that song..

Care to tell the song title??

Afifah said...



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