Thursday, January 3, 2008

School Of Rock

I wish school could be so rocking like the school of rock.dream on,so not going to happen.hehe,oh gosh,this year.PMR! oh my god2! hehe,well today is 3rd January meaning in kl school starts today but i x pegi muahahah.Duh,kt kedah.Yesterday,I set alarm in my hand phone 11 am but then i woke up its 3.oo pm already.i was like damn! ha ha,so my friend sms me saying best gler u x gi sekolah and i wish i could sleep late like u.ha ha,actually kinda sad jugak miss my first day of school in the morning session but the best thing i could sleep late but but i still have to study.I was just studying ala just survey2 je form 3 kene blajar apa just like that and i did some latihan.That's pretty much about it yg i buat hari ni. he he,Good luck to my friends! ;)



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