Monday, January 7, 2008


left:ina right.afifah (thats me)

Today i woke up 4 o'clock.damn! ha ha,that's not the record was 5 pm.i think.i woke up and i brush my teeth and wash my face then i ate breakfast was a slice only.well,I'm not a breakfast person i ate skit2 je.After this.I'm gonna take a shower and wash my hair because god gatal kulit kepala.then i iron my hair with the straightening iron.After that,hm,Dinner and then watch TV then sleep.ha ha,pretty simple.yeah.soo bored i really don't know what to do.If at KL i was bored i can ajak my brother ronda2 nak mm,so kt sini i x tau nk bwt apa.i nk msk pown mcm takut and i nk keluar makan angin dok rumah je.bored bored.thank god i bwk my mp3 kalu x i don't know la. ha ha.



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