Thursday, January 10, 2008


Sometimes late at night i have a hard time to go to sleep.yeah,its true.sometimes its because of the pillow sometimes its because of the air cond.i don't know mcm2 bothers me.i x tau.ha ha,but eventually i fall sleep.yesterday,my tengkuk sakit gila i don't know maybe salah posisi tidur kot god it hurts so bad.Now,I'm feeling much much better.Alhamdullilah.Oh yeah,yesterday was a tired hot day.ha ha,i woke up at 7:45 am.Can u believe it? first time i bgn pagi.muahaha,then i took a shower then siap2 then bertolak gi hospital to teman my cousin.Bila sampai i was kinda shock to see ramai gila org kt hospital.Some of them sakit Parkinson,Patah tgn and so much more la.I was very thankful to be alive that day and thankful that i x sakit apa2.i watched this Chinese guy who has Parkinson and i feel sorry for him.Kesian sgt.People watching him mesti dia mcm geram and just want to shout out."Hey,i got Parkinson.Quit starring!' i think he would probably say that but i was surprised to see him calm and accepting the way he is.i was amazed to see him doesn't care what people think of him.After I went to the hospital,my cousin and i bersiar-siar haha and we went to historic place to take some cousin have a dlsr camera which is pretty cool.My cousin and I went to pekan rabu.My grandfather owns a shop at Pekan Rabu so we thought to stop by and say hello.but unfortunately my grandfather g makan.So my step grandmother ada kt situ.we didn't talk so much because x tau nk ckp apa actually.Then we decided to blk because bored.ahah.Then we went to a primary school Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Taman Uda.At that time it was 1:30 pm which means school out so my cousin nk tangkap gambar.After that,we went home.penat glerr.I slept dari pukul 2.00 till 7.30 pm jgn main2.haha,thats pretty much what happen nothing interesting to talk about cause x kuar mana2.hehe,



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