Friday, January 30, 2009


I went to tuition today because I don't wanna miss it.The teachers are so cool and funny. :)
BM was okay but i think I'm starting to freak out about it.It is so hard and I guess I really have to struggle this time to make it work.Making it worse is of course the class wouldn't shut up.I mean they're really noisy.Thank god I sat in front so I can listen properly how to do this and that.After BM,here comes Math.Ahhh,I love a Math.I really enjoyed doing it.It makes my brain accelerate and energise.Math was awesome so as the teacher.I was doing it way way advance than the teacher.Ha ha,like if the teacher is doing no 7 i was doing no 9. :D

Add Math is next.I dont know what to say about add math.I guess i like it.Umm,it depends.If the add math problem i cant solve i would be so pissed and really frustrated.If i can solve it,i feel really great.I mean really great.The point about add math is its very confusing have to remember the workings.I'm frighten that during the add math exam i would freak out.I hope not.'Ya allah tolong lah'.Then,tuition was over.

Tomorrow,dad said that we have wake up really early because we have to fetch my brother in Perak.We're going to Penang for a little holiday.I want to go to Queensbay Mall.I haven't been there in a long time.I can go shopping!.I'm really thinking buying the converse sneakers like Kristen wore for the vanity fair shoot.I used to have it when i was 10 or 12 but now it doesn't fit anymore. :)

Okay,now I'm gonna watch GG and download new episodes of Ugly Betty and other tv shows. :D
Oh oh,one more thing.I can't wait for American idol next week! (:



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