Friday, March 13, 2009


My new sneakers taken with the new SLR.

I'm really sorry.I haven't update my blog in a very long timeee.Hehe,busy lately with homework and stuff.First thing first is I finally got my grey converse.The same as Rob when he wore to the Vanity Fair photo shoot. :) My fashion sense now relate to Rob and Kristen.I know I know,its weird and can't help it.hahha,I bought last week or two.

The second thing is Dad finally bought DSLR. :DDD Superrrr excited.I'm having so much fun playing around with it and taking pictures.This is another example why my dad rocks.I really love it so much.The third thing is what the hell happen at school today? That's another funny story.We hang out at the school all.We as in myself,Illiya,Sya and Faris.We talk and talk then suddenly Faris told some stuff about he once climbed a ladder in the school hall which leads to hidden upstage.i think.haha,so he was climbing the ladder first since we begged him too.Next was Sya,she was so fucking brave.Kudos to her.Illiya was next on the line.She could'nt do it.I was really excited and very confident then suddenly faris said this 'fifah,kalau naik senang tau,tp nnt bile turut takut skit' haha that time cuak sikit.Terus called off.HAHA,i know i'm so LAME.Better luck next time. :) *menggedik Nan nk kata penakut cuba sikit. HAHA,I went tuition today.BM,Add Math and Math.Add Math was super funn. :) I hate chapter4 math.Math was supposed to have just numbers.Ughh,even though its a pretty simple topic but i really dont know why i hate it so much.

Oh oh,I just add The Hand Me Down Kids at my space.I saw their video on YouTube not actually their video other people upload it.They sang my favourite song which is The Adventure and the coolest thing was they made it acoustic and their own style.Lamoni voice is so soothing. :) Suddenly they sent this to me.

I reply saying this(since the hide their comments)

*Sure,I would totally vote for you guys.Even though I live far far away.Malaysia to be exact.You guys are AMAZING and keep on rocking! ;)

I thought they wont reply it since they're busy and all but they actually replied.Lamoni replied :DD.Its such a simple thank you but it brightens up my day so much.Thank you, Lamoni <33.

Lamoni is the one holding the duck. ;D Ha ha,they are so funny.



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