Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fashion Icon

I gotta say my fashion icon is Kristen Stewart.Hands down.I just love her sense of style she can be classy and beautiful or she can be casual and chic.Like i said in my previous post my sense of style relate to Kristen and Rob sometimes.If I'm going to buy a cardigan or clothes i would ask myself 'would Kristen wore this? or or 'Is this Rob favourite colour?' Call me whatever you want.Obsessive or Addictive.I don't care.The main thing is Kristen is a complicated and shy person.She's different and that's why I love her.Did i say she is fucking beautiful?.She has the most flawless skin ever.I'm envious.He he,

I saw a picture of Kristen holding a creme cappuccino handbag and I said 'I WANT THAT'.Ha ha,I saw her wearing this pair of vans sneakers I said 'I WANT THAT TOO'.You might think I'm a poser or copying people style.The truth is that I don't tend to be that way.I just add little something that makes it different.So the point is I find my inspiration from looking at Kristen wardrobe. :D Ha,that's the perfect explanation.

I hope i get to meet Rob and Kristen someday.Don't forget all of the cast. :)



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