Saturday, March 14, 2009


I had the cutest experience ever.My first brother was going back to his college which is MMU,Cyberjaya.My mom and my brother heard a kitten meow-ing.HAHA,they were two kittens and they are so adorable.I can handle kittens but i dont know kadang2 mcm geli skit.not in a bad way la. pegang2 sikit boleh :).Its just the way I was born in.My brother was playing with the kittens and mom was giving them some milk because they look thirsty.Dad said my brother should take the kittens to a near Pet store because he was scared the kittens could ran over a car.Its so cutee.Now I kinda miss the kittens.Oh well,I bet they could find a owner.Oh,I hope so. :) Here are some pictures taken with the new SLR, :D Enjoy,

Abg tercinta. :D



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