Sunday, March 29, 2009


Mimie and Chucky are back.They are getting really big.Haha,they ate a lot really a lot.My brother said he is going to sell the guinea pig because they're getting bigger so its more difficult to take care of them.Its really sad but its kinda true.I like chucky more than mimie.haha,Main thing is because Chucky is more relax and cool while mimie here is always jumping there and running there.But i love Mimie's hair.My brother called it 'Beckham'.

Tomorrow,my brother is going back to Perak.Again,a very sad moment.Test is this week.Arghh,I;m so scared especially History,Add Math,Account,all of the subjects because its very different from other test.Its much more hard since its subjective.Ah,I'm praying so that I can do it.I hope i can do it.Oh,I'm now drinking cappuccino chocolate chip ice blended. ;p



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