Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour

Earth is so beautiful. :)

It was a pleasant experience with my family.We switched off our light at 8:30 pm.Then,i went out with my brother since dad asked it to buy something.I saw KLCC without the lights on and its was a really good experience.Many people step off from their car and went outside to see it.I forgot to bring my SLR.Greattt.haha,its okay.better luck next time.hopefully,there will be.I have my opinion that people should switch off their light time to time,and conserving energy more efficiently.Like changing their light bulbs and buy new energy saver light bulbs.People should not just stop doing this after earth hour.They should be doing this every single day.That's what I'm afraid about.Mostly,people are interested activities like earth hour since it is fun and has a good message.Earth Hour is a probably a publicity stunt.a good publicity stunt.I'm not saying anything bad about earth hour.this is just my opinion that many people would just stop after they are doing earth hour.I'm am really scared since Earth is getting older and older.too many humans living it in.Meaning more global warming .I've watched An inconvenient truth on my brother laptop last year or two years ago.It kinda opened my eyes.What will happen when water level rises in the ocean?.Most of the country will sink including Malaysia.Indonesia is the saver because of their big mountains.If Indonesia is not beside us Malaysia will be long gone.I hope if someone is reading this,keep conversing energy.If its hard to do,do it little by little.Hey,even I'm trying my best here so good luck. :)



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