Tuesday, March 24, 2009



My Other Brand Of Heroin.

I got back from school.I bought an ice blended latte near the school.I brought it home and suddenly my brother want some so he bought it too.Ha ha,but but the most awesome thing happen today is so many blu ray package from amazon arrived. :DD I was tempted to open although i know twilight blu ray haven't release yet.Stupid summit! but the original dvd has released.I want the blu ray but i guess i have to wait.I told dad a million times about the blu ray and I saw his account on his wish list section and twilight blu ray is in. :D which even makes me more happy. :DD Ahh,i love dad's collection of blu ray.Its mouth-watering. He he,not in the food kind of way just the special features is awesome plus the picture is so fucking greatt.I'm just happy today. :]

Mimie and Chucky are going to be taken care by my brother gf today.A sad moment.I hope i can see them again. :( When they eat i just want to snuggle them.Their just adorable.



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