Saturday, October 10, 2009

How I Use Facebook

Who uses Facebook? Almost everybody.I use it on a regular basis or do I?.I'm not a facebook addict .Is that what you call it? Never mind.Lets get with the topic.

This is how I use Facebook.

I click on the notifications.Duhh,

I immediately click on Bejeweled Blitz.This game can make me crazy.Its just so addictive.Its like caffeine.I patiently wait until i can press the play button.

Ehh,this time i only got 83350.My current score 233000+.not to brag. :p

Lets see,what should i do next Aha

Look at that 52 request.I wonder what it is.I usually ignore it to tell you the truth.Don't tell me you don't? :O Kudos to you if you took time to see all the request.


and more quiz guess it.more quiz

There you go,that's how i use facebook.I don't know why i love doing entertain myself,i guess.How do you use facebook? I'm hoping your doing the same as i am.If not,then



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