Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Who's 16 again?

Today is my birthday.Finally,I'm sixteen.I was born around 5 am in the morning.Mum told me.The first person who wish me by Sms was Fatty. Thanks! ;) Mum and Dad wished pretty early.Yesterday,I slept at 1am which is because why my blogging mojo is not so good today.Ha ha,I got up and went to school as usual.I got in to my class and Zana and Leya came out of nowhere hugged me and wished Happy Birthday!.Thanks guys. :) First paper was BM paper 2. 7.50am till 10.20am. :O i know.I was doing my paper when I heard somebody called my name.I looked back and saw Hudzaifah(Epa).He looked at me and said Happy Birthday in a really low tone voice since it was an examination.Ha ha,i laughed and thank him.He did his move thingy which i don't know how to explain.Other people wished me.some i didn't even know them but hey who cares.A million thank you from me to all of you sweetest humans.Haha,

I wish I could make these. :) Adorable ain't it?

After recess,Bm paper 1. 10.40 am until 1.00 pm. My hand is really sore right now due to too much writing.I got home and checked my phone.My brother wished me Happy birthday and said he'll buy me dinner when he gets back.Dad came home and said Happy birthday.My first brother called and said Happy birthday and quote'jangan celebrate sgt' I replied saying 'Why?' He said 'Kecik lagi,hehe,' .Aww,it was really sweet.I'll always can count on my brother.I love them.Mom got home about 4.00 pm and got me a slice of cake from Secret Recipe.I love you mummy.She said she'll wait for all my brothers to come home next month and go to dinner to celebrate my birthday.I can't wait.As for a birthday party,I'll celebrate with Na and Leya.Two weeks from now.14 November.We're gonna watch 2012. Now,I really can't wait.

Haha,yeah right danny Mrs Robert.

*Thanks again to everyone for the birthday wishes ;)



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