Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Today I had a blast with Na and Leya.They came to my house about 8.30 am.The boys Danny,Lolock and Rais promise to meet at Bangi Kopitiam at 9.00am for breakfast.I'm always the one who is always late.We got there at 10.40 am.Its my fault actually couldn't find the keys.hehe,we walked to Bangi Kopitiam.I brought my SLR to savour all the moment.hehe.I ordered sandwich with eggs.yummy i might add.

We talked and talked.I saw this cute little kid about 5 years old sitting in front of me.She's so adorable.Whenever one of us smiles at her,she blushes.We talked more than 1 hour.We were supposed to be leave 20 minutes earlier but what the heck.Rais was nice enough to give us ride.We snapped some pictures in the car.I remember Rais made a joke.I laugh so really really psychotic laugh.haha,we decided to go to a playground near my house so Rais dropped us there.He horn a bunch of times waving goodbye at us.Haha,Naa,Leya and I played the swing.'jongkang jongkit' you name it.After a while,Rais came back with lolock and danny in the car.Danny broke Na glasses so he was willing to buy another one.Naa was pretty pissed but eventually she's okay i think.

They left and went to carrefour to buy the glasses.We went back to playing the swing and you guess it snapped some pictures.We bought ice cream and share it.Man,I was really enjoying myself.I seriously love my girlfriends. :) We went back to my house and watch Sydney White.Then,Naa and Leya played Wii.Ea games active sports.Since they ate a lot,they thought they could use some exercise.Danny video called a bunch of times to find the perfect glasses.It was pretty funny.He tried it on when Naa asked him to.poor Danny but danny sporting..At 3.30 pm,Leya and Naa went back home.Thanks guys,I really had fun today. :)



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