Sunday, October 11, 2009



First thing i did today was brush my teeth.I woke around 10.30 am.I took a shower ya-dah know the rest.I went out with my parents to Jusco to buy some stuff and to eat.After its all complete,immediately head back home.I changed my clothes.I wore Baju Kurung.Hehe,

I went to Jaz house to celebrate her birthday.I got there a bit late since many people have came.Sorry for being so silent Jaz.I was really full.Kenyang sangat nk cakap pun tak larat.Haha,it was fun talking with everyone.Not to mention the mother of all Datin,ZANA who talks with enthusiasms.Haha,I had a great time.Eventhough,I was tired it was worth it.The thing I remember most is Laughing.I think masuk rumah jaz gelak je memanjang.stories from Rahman,Zana.Everyone lah.Pictures are coming soon.Waiting from Farah and Jaz SLR's.



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