Monday, October 12, 2009

You Are Here

Nothing unusual happen today.Just a typical Monday morning.No school .i had a good night sleep.I just finished studying History.*Shocking* at least for me,Chapter 7.Pengaruh Islam di Asia Tenggara.Unfortunately,still so much to revise so little time. I did some exercise today with the Wii.I burn 80 calories today. :D

One of the things that I'm thankful today is I'm Alive.Still breathing.All parts of my body are working just fine.My heart is pumping blood to all parts of my body.I'm really thankful that I'm alive today so should you.Have you ever woke up one morning and thought.what if today is my last day? I think everyone thinks about that from time to time but are you actually doing something with your life? anything to be proud of? or just anything that's good.Well,if you are Congratulations!.As for me,there's still some things i want to do.Important things like go to college.My first college boyfriend.Haha,you know all that kind of stuff.

I have this foreign friend on myspace.His name is James Ayup.I wanna give a link to his blog post but its not there anymore.His blog post really opened my eye.He survived from a really tragic accident.He was on his way to his grandmother house.When a drunk driver got in the wrong lane,it hits his car and he was flying to air through his front car window..He was lying on the pavement and he was barely unconscious. The way he explain it was very terrifying.Next thing he knew ,he was in the ambulance. He immediately was sent to the hospital.He goes through a lot of painful surgery.He receive many stitches.Now,he still alive and he wrote on his myspace that he is really thankful to god that he didn't die that day.Although,the stitches still hurt he is still moving on with his life.what a brave man. I sent a comment to his page and he update his status :thanks you to everyone who left a comment about the accident.Thank you so much.It really means a lot.Thank you once again.

The moral of the story.BE THANKFUL.Thankful to everything that you have now.Some people are not as lucky as you are.



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