Thursday, January 14, 2010

Help Me

Yes,I should read more and sleep less.I don't know why,lately I'm feeling really tired and its driving me crazy because I have so many homework I have to finish.Studying which of course i really hate.I rather watch TV all night.Dad bought Chuck first season.I mean come on dad.Why why? the temptation is just undeniable.I did watch like 5 episodes. -_-'.Today was pretty normal i guess,School was fun and filled with laughter.One word that is constantly on my mind right now is 'Tak dapat nk tolong ah John'.Seriously,my classmates has this huge effect on my daily life.From how i use speak to music taste.Argh SPM,please go away.

Hell yeah,I would but for now I'm going to watch Chuck episode 6.Ha ha,the temptation.I have like 2 homework i have to finish tonight.Add Math and Math.Great! Now its already 11:11pm.Goodnight all you nice people for reading my blog.


shazana rashid said...

eh i'm going to hogwarts too :D haha

fatimah azzahrah said...

hell yaeh , i'm going to hogwarts too ! but heyy keep dreaming ! haha :DD

Afifah said...

tahu tak pe,still waiting for my letter utk pergi hogwarts. haha


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