Saturday, January 23, 2010


This girl is has the vintage michael jackson thriller jacket.LOVE

My brother is going back to Perak tomorrow/Around 1.00 o'clock.Meaning no more driving back home from school and no more TGI Friday.At least for now.Not to mention,no more Sims 3 which is just unbearable.I'm gonna miss the Pattinson's family.Haha.Tonight is the last movie night with my brother.Planning to watch the Blair witch project.Its kinda like paranormal activity.Finally,I've found a tuition for account that fits my schedule perfectly.Leya's going to be there too.My accounts suck really bad man.Since there's about 6-10 people in that class,i could finally pay more attention.

Here's a video of my best friend Zana, (Annoying kan?) haha, kidding. dah dah jgn merajuk.I love yah.


shazana rashid said...

OMYYYYYGOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. mengundang gila time ckp goodbye tu, gentle aku ckp ngn kau. hahaha, kita baik kn? i know :') hihi loveee ya

meen said...

hahaha.swenden habis..


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