Monday, January 25, 2010

Ágætis byrjun

The music video(Heima)

Ágætis byrjun means a very good beginning.Icelandic language.I admit I'm a huge fan of sigur ros.Ask my friends they will know.I discovered this band about a year ago and then its just *click* you know.I'm not into the current music or the top of the charts song.I don't hate it but it is defintely a great songs to sing-a-along when you're bored.I like to expand my music taste not just by hearing on the radio but by movie soundtrack,videos.Basically you can find music anywhere.I love hearing instrumental songs from movies.The type of songs when see the movie,it gave you goosebumps.Music from movie.Nicholas Hooper and Hans Zimmer are one of my favourites.Not to mention the legend of all music composer,John Williams.He composes many infamous songs such as the theme to Harry Potter,Indiana Jones and Superman.I know I've had said this billions of times but Sigur ros is just amazing.Its a great tune to exercise to.Sunday afternoon.You name it.Sigur ros music videos are very interesting and it often leave the conclusion to the viewers.

The video consists of children dressed in old-fashioned Icelandic clothing, migrating towards an unknown destination somewhere in Iceland. The leader, a boy with a drum, directs the group through a land characterized by open fields and rocky hills, all the while picking up more and more children. The group then fall asleep and the video enters a dream-like state.When the song climaxes, the children start to run full speed up the hill. It is then shown that the hill is in fact a cliff, ending at the ocean. When the children reach the edge, they jump off and swim through the air.



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