Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Leya!

Happy 17th birthday bestie
as usual,mesti nampak budak melawati. ;p

I woke up around 10.30am.Breakfast!.I only ate nuggets man.Haha, meet up with zana and lolock at Popeye's Wangsa Walk.Seriously,Zana and Lolock looked so cute. :) (haha,jangan marah).Then,leya,rais and Danny came.Last but not least man of the hour Iqbal.We ate the fried chicken and talk talk.First,we did a joke on Iqbal.We were supposed to ignore him when we saw him.Haha,I could not stop laughing so I just keep my head down.We went to the Superstar Karaoke.Iqbal paid for the fee's.Thanks Iqbal for paying Rm18.00.We sang our hearts out.From the 80's to the current song.My throat is sore right now due to the screaming .We even sang 'germiis something'.Epa favourite song.Too bad,epa didn't came. :(

Can't wait to sing.hahah
Songs that we sang
  • Dancing Queen
  • Hotel California
  • My Heart
  • Situasi
  • Lagu untukmu
There's more but I can't remember.I have to ask Iqbal.After we destroy the place for screaming so loud.Haha,we wanted to play bowling.Too many people so change of plan.We went to the arcade.I've had a blast to tell you the truth.I played the basketball,the drums,bowling and cars.The boys played the pool and the ping-pong thing.Next,we went to Georgetown White Coffee.We talk and talk.Zana had to left early because she had plans.Love you Na.Thanks for everything.After zana left,Rais suddenly thought 'where the hell are my car keys?.Jeng jeng jeng.It was in Zana's bag.Haha,it was hell funny seeing his faces.All the guys were like 'Eh,jom pergi gombak!,Kereta takde john mcm mana pergi' Haha,Zana came back and gave him the keys.What a happy ending.We said goodbye to the boys.Leya and I went window shopping.It was fun.We did manicure together and bought some stuff. :)




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