Tuesday, April 20, 2010

if you wish it wish it now, if you wish it wish it loud.

I love Tom Delonge
I love Mark Hoppus.

I love Travis Barker
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE blink 182.

I love Box Car Racer
I love +44.

I LOVE Angels & Airwaves.

Angels and Airwaves is deeper though.

Even though they've broken up and making new bands.I still love them.All of them are very talented.I know that some people can't stand Tom's voice but I think that makes him unique.He has a very distinct voice.When I hear his voice,I immediately know that is Tom.Angels and airwaves are like my other Sigur ros.If you know what I mean.If you don't then never mind.Ha ha.Most of their songs remind me of space.The stars and the universe.That is one of my favourite things about AVA.Angels and airwaves are also my workout songs.Their song keeps me motivate.I surely can't wait for their new album.



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