Thursday, April 22, 2010


Imagine,you are sitting in a coffee shop.Sipping your deliciously Caramel Mocha Frappucinno.You ask yourself 'Who am I?'.I have been dwelling with this question every day.Whether,it is late at night,when you can't go to sleep.You have all this thoughts stuck it your head just waiting to burst out.Am I good enough? Am I truly happy?.Yes,we all have a whole pile of thoughts in our minds.Thoughts about the future frightens me the most.You never know what god has plan for you,it all depends on the decision you make.There is no right or wrong decisions.Whatever choice you make will signified who you are right now.

Self-esteem is another problem.With all the exposure of Hollywood celebrities,you cannot help but to think about how perfect they are.The truth is 'Nothing is ever what it seems'.They maybe beautiful and rich.They could afford anything they want.One snap of finger,everything is serve for them.The question is 'Are they really happy?'The thing is you can never know how the other person feelings.Sometimes,I do wish that I could feel the other feelings.You know,just for experience purpose and to know that you are not alone.This is what I do,If I get upset or pissed about something.I will always thought about somewhere on earth,there must be this one person who feels exactly as I am.It may not be accurate but even you thought about it.Even for just a little bit,you feel slightly better.Not completely heal but your moving on a right track.My reason for writing this is because the most important thing to me is to be who you are.There is only one version of yourself might as well kick it up notch.My advice to you: be yourself.You can do anything you want if set your mind to it.



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