Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ladies Day

I went Karoake with my girls.Leya,Sha,Asyrin and Fah.Zana,Raja and Kathy could not be there which is just heartbreaking.We went to Wangsa Walk.I was the only one who was late.Sorry.Haha,I got there about 2.15pm.Immediately went to the Superstar Karaoke.We picked the second package which was 2 hours.All of it cost about 60 ringgit.Not bad.We sang like a bunch of sickos.I could tell because the guy from the other side kept looking at our room.Next,we were supposed to play bowling.Unfortunately,didn't have much time.I don't remember what song we sang but it was a lot.We even purchased another 1 hour because we weren't satisfied.I was really feeling it when I sang The scientist-Coldplay.Wannabe spice girls is the best song to sing along.I am so tired right now and I have a sore throat.Yay.I still haven't finish my homework.Another Yay.I hope we can to this again.I had a great time guys. :)



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