Friday, April 9, 2010

The Secret

Today,school was fun.I still remembered this one incident when lolock was about to tossed a fcuking lizard into the air but the surprise was he was about to tossed it up on the fan which is just crazy.It was funny to see my friends reaction, they were all surprise and ran for their life.I was sitting down,when I saw he's going to do it,I was shocked to see Leya's already on her way,she even pushed my chair and me to the side.That was some funny shit.Ha ha,in case your wondering did he actually do it.No,he didn't.Thank god for that.I am so exhausted.Not enough energy.This is my tuition schedule

Monday- 5-7pm Math and History
9-10.15 Account

Wednesday-5-7pm Add Math & Science

Thursday- 3.15-4.30pm Account form 4
7-8pm BM and English

It seem that I only have three tuition in one week.You have no idea how tired I am.I usually take a nap around 3.00pm.On Thursday,I can't take a nap because I've got a class. :( well,in life you have to make sacrifices.



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