Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sometimes even the right is wrong

Yesterday,I went to Kinokuniya with my dad.'Que the angelic music '.Kinokuniya the best place to find books and also the 'never-the-discount-store-n-u have-to-buy-2-books-to-get-the-discount'.Not any books certain books only.Ha ha.Not to mention The Borders too.I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.Dad bought 5 books and I bought 2 books.When I saw dad,I told him about my books.Dad was like holding or should I say clinging on to his five books.All the books cost about 200+.

I made this face
My dad said books are like an investment.No matter what you always have something to read.You can pass it down to your grandchildrens.Even though,the papers are yellow it can still be read.That's all that matter.Next,went to the Best store.Dad wanted to buy a HDMI cable because the other one had problems.After that,we went home.Mom got a phone call from my aunt that they want to come to my house and stay for a night.I was excited.Its been a long time and I get to meet the annoying cousins Fauzan and Fahmi.ha ha,he's 13 years old now.I said to him 'wow,you've grown up.'He just smile.Late night,when my parents and his parents were asleep,we watched Scary Movie 4.We laughed our butts out especially the last scene.The parody of Tom cruise on the Oprah show.I can't stop laughing about it.Truth to be told,I had an amazing time even for a short period of time.

On the lastest news,I have a Lookbook account.I sign up 3 months ago but didn't have time to publish any picture.Feel free to drop by any comments and don't forget to hype my pictures. :D.Link on the sidebar.



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