Saturday, July 17, 2010


Happy belated birthday to my bestfriend,Zana.I've known her since I was 10 years old.We were very close back then.Suddenly,we were grew apart because we had different classes.Last year,we just got closer because we had the same class.It looks like we continued where we left off.Ha ha,I really like to argue with her.Its particularly my routine but I still love her.Some of my classmates celebrated her birthday as usual at Wangsa Walk.We love Wangsa Walk because it has everything.Karaoke,Bowling and Cinema plus its very near to my house.It took me about 5 minutes to get there.The first activity we did was Karaoke.We had blast.Leya,Myself,Raja and the birthday girl Zana.Then,we head to the Bowling Center,all the guys had finally arrived.That time,I suck at bowling.Really bad.I used to kick all my friends butt at bowling.I seriously don't know happen.Oh,well.We had lunch at Subway.I practically ignored this one person and don't ask me why.Its one of the guys.Ugh,I don't know who invited him.He always gets on my nerve.He's probably on my hate list.

With birthday girl


Moving on,we did a bit of window shopping.I didn't buy anything.Oh wait,I did bought something.Nail Polish Remover!.Tomorrow,I'm going to Jaya Jusco with my family to buy new contact lenses,pillows and ingredients for fettuccine Alfredo.Probably some new nail polish for my collections..I can't wait!.


fatimah azzahrah said...

haha, gonna miss that moment like crazyy :D , suara kita cepat je dah okay balik ! hehe :D


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