Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Photo shoot Part 2

The sign was suppossed to say Hogwarts.I don't know what happen to the O. :D

I can't even tell you how tired I am this past week.Today was probably the most unbearable.I did a photo shoot with my classmates for the last page of the school leavers section.School ended 1.10 pm.We immediately went to the small field in our school area.I set up my tripod and start taking up pictures.As usual the boys are always late.WTF? Ha ha,

The sun was definitely on top of our head because it was so hot.Everybody was sweating and complaining.We had to take a lot more pictures just to be safe.Truth be told,I did had fun.Actually,I had really great time.Laughing and savouring all the moment.It was really great taking pictures with all my friends.You just gotta love High School!



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