Saturday, July 31, 2010


The 'I don't give the crap face' Haha

Last night,had dinner at TGI Fridays with my brother.It was so delicious and I'm still thinking about that food right now.I love love food!.Moving on,today was the Carnival day of my school.I had tons of fun hanging out with my friends.Eating different kinds of food and drinks.Taking a lot of pictures.We did a prank.We as in Myself,Leya,Zana,Nan Sofiah,Dell,Alia and Rahman.We were sitting on a bench.Whenever a person is walking in front of us,we immediately sent eye signals to each other.Then,we scream as loudly as we can to scare them.If was so funny to see their face expression.Okay,it is kinda mean but at least they had a good laugh out of it.Hopefully,we brighten their day just a little bit.About 1.10pm,many stall were starting to close so I had to move fast to buy some foods and drinks for my brother.I bought two ice blended and a mushroom soup.I got a great bargain.The ice blended for two was 6.00 ringgit.But she gave me 1 ringgit discount. :D As for the soup,the teachers were selling it.Teacher Erin gave me a discount about 5 ringgit.Another yay!The soup and the ice blended were pretty good.I'm gonna give it two thumbs up! Finally,I got a Polaroid picture. :D

With Farah.Ignore the milk cartoon.



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