Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Its not what you think

Today was an interesting day.School starts at 7.2o am.The first period was BM.We were all minding our own business,listening to teacher explaining things.Not expecting a freaking thing.Suddenly,the class went quiet.I saw my teacher was looking at something.I thought it was nothing.Then,I heard someone scream.At that point,I was like 'What?! What is it?".I knew that something bad had happened.Turns out,it was a squirrel.Running circles in our classroom.I was shocked and surprised.I stood up and sat at the table.All the girls were actually on the table.Oh my god,it was funny and terrifying at the same time.The hilarious thing was Amad was the one who first scream .Like a little girl.The guys were trying to catch the squirrel because the squirrel keep running in circles.The longer the squirrel stays in the classroom,the harder for the squirrel to come out.The guys were running and trying to catch the squirrel.The screams and laughs were so loud that the classroom upstairs was trying to catch a glimpse on what was happening.Zana caught the squirrel at its tail and put it in the basket.Somehow,it got out again.Here it goes again,haha.Elisa who was brave enough took the squirrel.After the squirrel was gone,all of my classmates are still laughing.Unfortunately,Elisa was bitten by the squirrel.I told her to go the doctor because she may have rabies.I think its all under control now.The squirrel thing was probably something that I would remember for a very long long time.It is too bad we could not record it,we were too focused on the squirrel. :D

Here's a video that I made for my classmates. :) *New Edited Version*


WARRIOR said...

this vid gonna make me cry one day

fatimah azzahrah said...

sedih kan fizil ? faaaaaa , nie youtube ke ? coolnessssss :D

Afifah said...

noo,ni kite upload from blogger.i know sedih kannnnn

WARRIOR said...

fifah upload dalm youtube. pls


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