Sunday, January 25, 2009


Its is so great that all of my brothers are here.I'm really really happy.My second brother will go back to Perak on Tuesday but its okay my parents are going to fetch him on Friday/Saturday and we will be going to Penang for a little holiday.I'm so excited.As you've guess tons of homework I've to finish.I finished half of it so just BM that i have to finish ASAP.Remember about the essay that I have to write describe a person and I pick Robert Pattinson.The teacher love it.I read my essay and it only a have a few of grammar mistake.I think it was 3.Many of my classmates in class wanted to read my essay so i give it to them.Some them actually enjoyed reading it.I was honoured.After they finished reading it,some of them say am I going to writer? I was like 'erkk,no.'Ha ha,it was pretty funny.Yesterday did some reading,I read 'Manisnya sebuah epal' from Anak laut.I read it because it has something to do with the apple.Ha ha,twilight,apple? you get it right.

Moving on,

Yesterday,my brother and I made ice blended chocolate marshmallow Oreo.It tasted so good.I'm craving it right now.I watched Kami the movie and its really sad that Abu died.I knew it already but i don't know I guess the way he died made me sad.My mother and I did some grocery shopping yesterday at Giant.Mom was at the fish section while I was in the chocolate section.Ha ha,I pick a Hershey's chocolate and marshmallows.Then,I went to the tea&coffee section.I picked the hot chocolate.I went to the drink section and I pick the whip cream.Mom was like 'nk buat ice blended la ni?'.ha ha,

After we bought all the groceries,we went back to our car and put all the groceries there.Then,we went back to Giant and went upstairs to the clothes section.I bought a boxer and two camisole.The boxer is so cute.I think it was cat in the hat.I wore it when I was sleeping last night.



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